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For Hatchcover tighness testing we are using Sherlog Ultrasonic equipment. Our crew have pass an examination of SDT - IMCS training course of "Ultrasonic Tighness Testing" and they are certified operators.

Important claims for wetting damage to cargo are not necessarily the result of massive water ingress into the cargo compartments via the hatch covers. A few buckets of water may suffice to render a cargo useless for its intended purpose and hence be at the base of commercial disaster. As even minor water infiltration may cause significant problems.

Ultrasonic testing methods offer a wide range of advantages and provide a much higher degree of security and quarantee than any other methods utilized. Furthermore, the directionality of ultrasonic waves makes allowance in pinpointing defects in a quick and reliable manner under all weather conditions, in loaded or empty holds.

Ultrasonic test method is accepted by classification societies for checking weathertightness either as part of the Class peridiodical survey system or for Load Line purposes.

Ultra Sonic provides a totally efficient, and simple response to proper and effective equipment maintenance and product quality.

Allows tightness testing of hatch covers, watertight doors, ventilators and so on by means of a transmitter that emits ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic passing through sealing arrangements, cracks, holes etc. can easily be picked up by hand-held ultrasonic receiver.

Advantages of testing the weathertight status of hatch covers with ultrasonic test equipment

Reliable, non-destructive, repeatable testing method.
Allows detection of areas where lack of compression or contact exists with pinpoint accuracy.
Gives indication about compression.
Allows quick and easy testing, without assistance from ship’s crew.
Can be used in holds loaded with water susceptible cargo.
Can be carried out irrespective of weather conditions in loaded and empty condition.
Allows to identify leaks without the use of a transmitter, on condition that the compartment tested for leaks is pressurized.
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